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Escobar Cankar coffee 150g

The house blend of the Escobar family boutique roaster from the most prized Arabica coffee beans, which they named Cankar's coffee. The owners of the roastery got the inspiration for the name in their hometown, Vrhnika, which was also the birthplace of the writer Ivan Cankar who wrote Skodelica kave or A Cup Of Coffee.

We recommend Cankar's coffee to lovers of coffee prepared in the Turkish way.

A recommendation for preparing delicious and aromatic coffee in a cezve

To prepare delicious coffee in the Turkish way, you need finely ground, freshly roasted coffee and a "cezve" or an ordinary small container. 1.5 dl of water and a good two teaspoons of coffee (15 g) are sufficient for one cup of coffee.

  1. Fill the container with water, add coffee to cold water and place it on a hot hob (with induction, avoid the highest temperatures, otherwise the water will boil too quickly).
  2. When the coffee sinks a little (after about 1 minute), stir well so that the coffee dissolves and a foamy layer slowly forms on the surface, then wait for the coffee to slowly rise.
  3. When the coffee rises to the edge of the coffee pot, carefully remove it before it boils, at around 90⁰C. A thick layer of foam will form on top.
  4. You can put the coffee back on the hot plate for a moment, but it is not necessary. Coffee is not a fan of excessively high temperatures. Before you start drinking the coffee, wait at least 2 to 2.5 minutes (approximately as much time as you spent preparing it) for the coffee to calm down and for larger particles to settle to the bottom of the container. You then pour the coffee into the cup.

Serve Turkish coffee with a glass of water to cleanse the taste palatte on the tongue. We drink a sip or two of it before starting to drink coffee, and then enjoy the coffee, sip after sip. If desired, sweeten, add milk, a little cream...

Escobar Cankar coffee 150g

The story that coffee carries


Fruity aromas and flavors predominate, with an aftertaste of honey that is slightly spicy. The addition of milk awakens the aroma of ginger.


7 different varieties of coffee originating from Central America, Africa, India

The species

100% Arabica

Recommended method of preparation

Turkish coffee

Freshly roasted in a small family roastery

All Escobar coffees carry stories of the people who grow them and retain a full body of aromas in which we can taste the peculiarities of the parts of the world where the beans are grown.

Freshly roasted

Escobar coffees are always roasted fresh in small quantities in the family micro roastery in Vrhnika. Coffee is roasted daily on demand and never stored.

A selection of coffees

All coffees are carefully selected, often come from smaller farms and, whenever possible, follow the principles of "direct trade", which ensures a fair payment to the growers.

Roasting profile

Roaster Omar chooses his own roasting profile for each coffee to bring out the most colorful aromas.

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